What Are You Waiting For?

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“Just do it”. Sounds familiar, right?

Well, I think Nike had it right. What are you waiting for? Is there something big on the horizon that you need to just TAKE THE LEAP into? What’s stopping you?

I’m pretty sure that out of all of you reading this, I’m the most guilty of second guessing myself. As soon as I’m ready to make a big decision, my logic and rationale kick in. My once silent brain starts playing devil’s advocate and makes me doubt my decision. In fact, I often think that it IS Satan trying to dissuade me from trusting God. We all have big goals and dreams. They all look different and some are more easily accomplished than others, but we ALL have them. God knows our desires and dreams, and he is equipping us to accomplish these things. I’m learning, however, that usually the biggest piece of “equipment” I lack is trust. When it actually comes time to follow through with the big jump, I realize that I usually don’t have the faith it takes to leap. I can talk about it all day long… about how God is faithful and He won’t let me completely crash and burn without bringing me back to life. But when it’s time for me to do it, I find myself forgetting the words that I often write songs about and I forget the encouragements I tell others in their quests to following their dreams. It’s frustrating to feel like I take 2 steps forward, and 1 step back. “What am I waiting for?” has been the question rolling around in my mind for the last several weeks. The best answer I could come up with is this:

We have to stop waiting for everything to be perfect. You will never have the “perfect” time to make the move across the country, or quit your stable but boring job to pursue a career no one else believes you can do. There will never be a “perfect time” to spend your savings on a new house, or to get out of a toxic relationship. There will never be the “perfect time” to go back to school to get the degree you’ve always wanted, or to quit eating awful food and start getting healthy. There will never come a more perfect time than NOW to start pursuing the dream you have.

God has the ability to give us much more than we give him credit for. Come before the Lord in prayer about it. Don’t do it on your own; and THEN, if you really feel God leading you, take the leap. Trust that He will catch you. Believe that His plans on the other side of that leap are far greater than you could’ve planned. He will reward you for being faithful.

After all, we only have this ONE life to live. Why spend it living safely when we know there’s a God who will come alongside us on our adventure?

Just do it

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