Natalie Cromwell is a worship leader and singer/songwriter based out of Minneapolis, MN. Natalie is widely experienced leading in various settings including churches, conferences, retreats, and most recently as Worship Leader at Grace Church in Eden Prairie. Her first project, entitled “The Reason”, was a huge success for her as an independent artist. Her title track charted on the radio in September of 2013 after only a couple of months of airplay. Since then, she has seen a large amount of success as an artist, performing at large Christian music festivals such as Joyful Noise with artists such as Jamie Grace and For King and Country.

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Up to Something

Natalie Cromwell - Up to Something - Worship Leader MinnesotaSince Natalie’s most recent project,”Up To Something”, was released, she has continued to be recognized as an inspiring and creative songwriter, with lyrics that reflect depth and maturity, and melodies that are both original and accessible. One review from says, ‘”Up to Something,” at the end of the day, is an album that has arms. It is spiritually pragmatic enough that it offers handles of how we can turn to our Master in our times of need. But it’s also an album with heart. Utilizing such an array of vocal intonations and inflections, Cromwell not only sings well but she conveys a feeling that we are not alone in our strife. She’s there with us leading us by the hand to our Heavenly Father.’ This project is available on iTunes, Amazon, or

Natalie has shared the stage with many anointed singers and leaders, including Gordon Mote, Wes Hampton (Gaither Vocal Band), and Doug Anderson (Signature Sound), and has partnered with authors Bob Goff and Jon Ortberg in various conference and church settings. She also is no stranger to the studio, recording with some of the top names in the industry. Natalie’s songwriting extends beyond her own albums. Most recently her song “I Can Feel You Healing Me” was recorded on the national release called “Hope and Healing” from the Taylors on StowTown Records. Timothy Yap from says, “Worthy of mention is ‘I Can Feel You Healing Me.’ This is not only one of the Taylors’ most heartfelt ballads, but it nails judiciously down the theology of healing. While some have erred on the side that God only heals in a miraculous instant, this song allows God to be God. The song prays for the humility to allow God to heal whether it is in an instant or over a process of time.” Natalie regularly writes with many award-winning Christian writers, and is making her mark on Christian music with songs published by Sunset Gallery.

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Natalie Cromwell HeadshotNatalie continues to reap musical experience in every aspect of her life. She is frequently sought out to lead worship at large conferences, retreats, and churches throughout the Midwest, along with speaking and teaching about worship to various audiences. Along with offering practical insight, Natalie’s hope is to inspire worship leaders to be authentic and genuine in their leading and lifestyles. In addition to full-time music ministry, she is currently teaching at the University of Northwestern-St. Paul as an adjunct instructor of worship teams in the Worship Ministry degree program.

Natalie is now offering workshops and worship leading experiences in churches throughout the country. Her workshops include sessions about leading a band, organizing volunteers, and how to effectively engage a congregation. If you are interested offering these workshops at your church or event, please contact Natalie via the “Contact & Booking” tab.