The Holy Spirit’s Presence

The Holy Spirit’s Presence

“In the language of an actor, to know is synonymous with to feel” – Konstantin Stanislavski I read this quote the other day, and stopped in my tracks. “…to KNOW is synonymous with to FEEL.” Stanislavski was a Russian actor and theater director. He treated theater-making as a serious endeavor, requiring dedication, discipline, and integrity, […]

It’s OK To Worry.

Ever get obsessed with an idea and find yourself devoting almost all of your brainpower to see that this idea comes to fruition? I’m kind of in this place right now, and it’s exciting but also borderline dangerous. I would say that I’m inherently intrinsically motivated, meaning that I naturally find myself wanting to complete […]

Melodies, Craftsmanship, and Creativity

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Hey songwriters 🙂 Today’s post is a challenge for you to stretch yourself. Get ready…! As I’ve been spending the last several months listening to lots and LOTS of new music to use for worship services at my church, I have been struck by one recurring issue: all the songs sound the same. And yes, […]

What Are You Waiting For?

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“Just do it”. Sounds familiar, right? Well, I think Nike had it right. What are you waiting for? Is there something big on the horizon that you need to just TAKE THE LEAP into? What’s stopping you? I’m pretty sure that out of all of you reading this, I’m the most guilty of second guessing […]

We’re sick, and the cure is right under our noses

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I love the story of the woman who was diseased for 12 years. She was afflicted with a sickness that, because of her society and culture at the time, required her to live outside the city gates. Imagine that all of your friends lived in a quaint little neighborhood together. White picket fences, obedient dogs […]

Surrender … Humble and broken, we lift HIM high

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“Humble in sorrow, You gladly carried Your cross Never refusing Your life to the weakest of us Not too proud to bear our sin to feel this brokenness we’re in Humble, humble Jesus” These are lyrics from “Humble” on Audrey Assad’s new record Fortunate Fall. They’ve been lingering in my head and heart all week. […]

ATTENTION Worship Leaders…

ATTENTION Worship Leaders…

ATTENTION ALL WORSHIP LEADERS!!!!! This is my attempt at helping you get your heads on straight, so listen up. Are you aware that effective worship-leading needs to have MAJOR thought behind it? It’s not just about planning weekly services and picking cool new music…there are entire systems and philosophies behind why you do what you […]

I Figured It Out!

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Ok, I just need to be honest. I think I have finally figured out relationships and dating. I know, you’re all freaking out. I’m the first person to ever accomplish this. You can thank me later. Except, I guess I haven’t actually figured it out. But I’m ready to give my two cents! I have […]

Why it Matters

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Isn’t it strange to think that the things we create aren’t truly “original”? Nothing that we, as humans, create is unique to us. No idea is exclusively one that I thought up on my own. Whenever I write a song, I can’t help but think that the finished product is not mine. I wasn’t the […]

Heavy on my heart

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Hello again, blogging world (and those of you non-bloggers who happen to have stumbled upon this). It’s time for a bit of a “serious” post, and I hope you’ll continue with me to the end of this post. It’s something that’s been heavy on my heart for a while and I think I just need […]