The Holy Spirit’s Presence

The Holy Spirit’s Presence

“In the language of an actor, to know is synonymous with to feel” – Konstantin Stanislavski I read this quote the other day, and stopped in my tracks. “…to KNOW is synonymous with to FEEL.” Stanislavski was a Russian actor and theater director. He treated theater-making as a serious endeavor, requiring dedication, discipline, and integrity, […]

It’s OK To Worry.

Ever get obsessed with an idea and find yourself devoting almost all of your brainpower to see that this idea comes to fruition? I’m kind of in this place right now, and it’s exciting but also borderline dangerous. I would say that I’m inherently intrinsically motivated, meaning that I naturally find myself wanting to complete […]

Being Jesus… Being Bold.

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“Learn to doubt your doubts.” Powerful words from my pastor, Dale Hummel, last night at church. The sermon wasn’t even focused on doubts, but he touched on this briefly during a Q&A session after the sermon. This was what stuck with me from this weekend. I began to really think about that phrase… doubting your […]